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I guess I haven’t been on much but school has gotten more and more time consuming…so here’s my apology for that…sorry!

Mwa ha ha ha ha!!! Surprised? I actually have a great evil laugh…he he he…


I have to admit it robo-buddy, you’re totally awesome! I can always count on you to ask me questions when I started my blog. It’s good to have a friend like TumblrBot who always looks at your blogs and makes you feel that much less lonely. So TumblrBot, you rock dude and I hope you stay around for a long time.

[Useful Things]
The cardboard box: simple box that is made of cardboard.
•Store your junk in it
•Turn it into some sort of fort
•Anything else you can think of
For More Info: Google it

[Locker 13]

I’m working on these clay models of animals for a science project. So I was making the head for a Gray Tree Frog and I needed eyes, so I popped into the science lab, got a couple marbles, and stuck them in the head. Only now the frog looks like some sort of demon frog with the clear eyes…creepy…

Song of the Day

Todays song was “Stereotype” by some random person I don’t know. This song is wrong (like sick as in mature humor) in every way possible, plus ways not possible. So just look for it on YouTube and find one that’s animated. Its just weird. I also learned that the Scottish hump sheep. Definitely a stereotypical statement.

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